Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[review] K-drama: Flower Boy Ramen Shop..

salam to all readers..

my first review for K-drama for this semester break..
Flower Boy Ramen Shop..

rate: 4.5/5 

want synopsis?
go to drama wiki..

the boys are damn cute..
i mean..
their characters..
*and also their appearance too.. *
and that enough to make me excited throughout the whole story..

 Cha Chi Soo..
a high school student..
also a chaebol of Cha company..
the most hilarious part is when he thought Yang Eun Bi want to commit suicide thus he keep following her without knowing anything..
you should watch this part..

Yang Eun Bi..
i think her character is the typical one..
no comment..

Choi Kang Hyuk..
i like it very the much the way he treat Eun Bi just like his own wife..
"madura.. madura.."
"우리 마두라"
"uri madura.."
so cute!
he's cute yet so caring..
is there ever been a human being like him?
i want one!
ngehehehee.. =p

Kim Ba Wool
a.k.a the Crazy chicken head..
acting tough like a gangster but yet he's not that strong..
and melt whenever wherever in front of his girlfriend..
it's funny!

Woo Hyun Woo..
so schematics.. 
and he knit the red scarf almost in all episode where he is in the dorm..
except for the last episode..
he looks a little bit like Key(Shinee) right?

i just can't stop laughing watching this drama..
and yes..
i suggest you guys to watch it too..

early warning..
for those who didn't like the dongsaeng-noona love story..
this story may not be your appetite..

if and only if  Cha Chi Soo is not a high schooler..
i think this story is way to be too great!


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