Thursday, February 23, 2012

>> hair vs hijab..

salam to all readers..

one of my foreigner friend ask me..
"liana.. how long is your hair??"

i reply..
"not too long and not too short.. why??"

"i was curious.. because i never see yours.."

and the most attracting part is when she said:
"if someone have a long hair.. i can recognized it by their back of the head.."

i know what you mean here..

what i want to say here is..
dear muslimah..
even the girls can know how long your hair is..
what you think about what the boys think about this??

isn't it when people can know how long is your hair..
what size of your body (precisely)..
that means that you not cover your aurat properly..

moral of the story:
wear your hijab properly..
i know you want to do some kind of fashion..
but please..
don't make that fashion lead you to hell even though you wear your hijab..


1 comment:

mimi mimo mimo said...

sgt stuju!!!
nauzubillah nk tgolong dlp golongan yg bfashion mcm nih~


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