Monday, September 19, 2011

dear you...

my dear you-know-who-you-are..

i just want to let you know..
that i might be different from before..
because it all started with yourselves..

the past few years..
i thought you are the right one for me..
but it seems to be wrong..
when i need you the most..
you're not there..
but someone else..
it is indeed true that someone called you selfish..
coz you really are..

i've been 'pendam perasaan' for a long time..
maybe this is the right time for me to say this..

you are not helping me at all.!
i am the one who helping you the most..
don't you realize it?

if i need help..
and asking from you..
i get nothing..
but if i asked someone else that we both knew..
i get something..

for examples..
i'm stuck with certain problems and ask you how did you do it..
you just said.. " oh.. i don't know.. ask them.."
when i ask them..
they will reply it like this..
"oh sorry dear.. i'm not really sure.. but maybe you can try using this.. this and this.. if you get it.. tell me.."
even if the theory that they teach me is not completely right..
so you can see the huge difference, right?
maybe that's why i'm more leaning towards them rather than you..

and when i want to 'joli-joli'..
i can see that you are the one that encourage me to do that..
but when  i want to 'jadi-budak-baik'..
you are not with me..

when studying..
you make me feel so stupid..
you said you didn't study much..
but in fact you'd study the entire chapter by yourself..

is this considered as BFF??
think about it again..
i'm just a person who reflects your actions towards myself..
no harm..

you are so annoying, you know..
only you know yourself the best..
but you don't realized that the things you do really pissed me off..

i admit that i'm not as smart as you..
and i'm really can't be the same level as you..
but did you know?
your selfishness is really something..
that makes me feel really despise with it..

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