Sunday, October 13, 2013

>> surviving coursemate..

salam to all readers..

my surviving coursemate..

from left: shahid, fiqa, me, karim

we are the only Malay SER 09 that graduated this year..
sadly, among 13, only 4 survived..

aku pun survive cukup-cukup makan..
there's nothing really to be proud of pun kalau aku cerita berapa byk C aku dpt kan..
janji lulus..
fyi, mostly subject Mr. RM yg aku dpt C.. T_T

and now we are going into another chapter of our lives..

Shahid want to pursue CFA (Certified Financial Analyst)
Fiqa want to be a lecturer (maybe maths lecturer).. she's a first class degree holder..
and Karim want to be an actuary.. he passed 4 actuarial papers dalam masa beberapa bulan ni.. hebat giler beb!

and yes..
we all still unemployed..
but at least they have their goals..
but i don't know why i lost mine..

cik liana, what is your dream?
how to achieve those dream?

its frustrated to think about it..
and i know what is the reason behind failing those interviews..

quickly find yourself, and gain confidence, and go pursue your dream..

hope everything will be fine..

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