Wednesday, October 9, 2013

>>2013 last minute plans..

salam to all readers..

my plan before finish off this year..

1. take a finance/investment seminar
for example, learn things like bloomberg, stock markets etc.

2. read a lot of books
at least i must finish 2-3 financial/investment related book..

suddenly i have a feeling like this..
i know myself are more towards finance/investment..
and i'm planning to work in that sector..
but when it comes to interview, my mind went totally blank..
and i think i just study for the exam (during my studies)
none of them left in my mind..
so i decide to learn again..
and hopefully, this will help me improving myself..

2. jogging
i know i'm too lazy to work out..
or sometimes even to walk outside the house..
but i need to change that habit..

3. take a break
go to the beach, or theme park, or what ever..
and relax..

you can do it!!

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