Friday, September 20, 2013

>> trust yourself..

salam to all readers..

remember i'd told you guys about my difficult-to-score lecturer??

well, some how he has shown his care for me too..

i remember, once, he pat on my shoulder in the exam hall..
at that time, i'm rushing because i left my matrix card outside..
and he pat my shoulder to keep me calm..

then, the next two years, out of the blue..
he asked me this question, with his caring voice..
"liana, you are graduating this year right?"

without a blink, i replied, "yes.."
"oh.. all the best for you.."
and then he left to his car..

truthfully, at that time he asked me that question..
i am not really sure about the answer..
since my results at that time are not really convincing..
and i have 2 papers with him in that semester..
and one more in the next semester..
so, 3 in total..

a lot of things come across my mind..
wondering if i'll be able to pass.. or otherwise..

and now to think about it..
its all depends on you yourself..
whether you want it, or not..

sometimes, we just need to trust ourselves..
and let it go its way..
eventually, your subconscious mind will act before you think..
and it will show you the way towards your own goal..


everything happens for a reason..

did you know, on the night before my Investment 2 final paper,
i were totally blank..
i need to start all over again, to cover the thickest manual ever in less than 12 hours..

feels like crying, but crying does not solves anything..
you need to do something about it..

i knew the time keeps ticking..
but i take my time to pray and read Quran about 10 pages..
and that is when i found my courage back..

i start study again around 10pm..
look at the tips the lecturer gives me for the final exam, 
and i solely depends on the tips..
study only the related part that he had mention..
and thanks to Fiqa, i am able to finish my past year before the moment i blank out..
so, i just study the past year, and the selected topics he gives me.
with only that..

i passed..
even not with flying colours, at least i passed.
and i can graduate on time..

 moral of the story:
study continuously, and believe in yourself more..
remember, Allah will always be by our side..


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