Friday, September 21, 2012

>> 17 again..

salam to all readers.. 

pernah tak korang terasa macam salah buat keputusan je?
terasa macam nak kembali ke zaman lalu?
zaman kegemilangan?

untuk aku, personally, aku rasa zaman kegemilangan aku adalah zaman matrikulasi.
everything is perfect during those days.
tension study tak sama mcm sekarang.

at some point, i wonder..
am i making the right decision of my life?
about taking this course?
why i want this course in the first place?
can i go back and change everything?
can i have the second chance to take the road not taken?

i wonder what i could change if i can turn to 17 again.
what is there i can do?
what is the things that i should accomplished?

no matter how i think about it.
the things that i do back then (when i was 17) was to make sure i am in this position..
right now.
as a UM student.
with CGPA 3.00++..

that was my aim back then.
if i can travel back, can i accomplished that once more?
i dont think i can.

what is the road not taken back then?
i dont have a love story to share with.
is it worth to have a love story that could destroy my position in the future?
that was my priority thought when i was 17..
so what?
am i glad i'm not taken that path?
yes, i'm glad i'm not.

what is another road not taken?
be a rule breakers?
be a naughty girl?
the road i'm not taken is all the bad road.
so why i insist on to taking the road not taken now when i already know the bad sequences of that choice?

the only thing that i should do now is: to improve myself to be a better person.
not to impress someone, but to make me proud of myself even more.
just like how i proud with myself when i'm 17..
*literally, it doenst mean i'm boasting about it or what. it just enough that only myself is proud of it.*

"be confident, liana!"
"buat apa nak takut kalau benda nak jadi?"
that is 17-years-old-me that always saying to myself..

but what am i now?
"what if this happen? what if that happen?"
what if..
i always questioned myself with "what if...."
i can answer all the questions by myself, but all the answers are negative.

stop all this things..
and begin your day with the mind set:

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