Monday, August 6, 2012

>> Still W..

salam to all readers..

Still by TVXQ duo

kimi no koe ga kike nainante
kimi no namae yobe nainante
semete yume de ae tarakitto
kimi wo gyutto daki shimerunda

dakedo kimi ni ae nainante
aishi teruto ie nainante
kanashi ihodo kuruo shikutte
setsunai setsunai koi woshita

ah… tada nai tanda
ah… setsunai setsunai koi woshita

Once again I want to invite you
 Once again I want to laugh along with you
if we meet again in this place
 I want to vow [my love] while grasping your hands
But I know..

That I can’t hear your voice again
That I can’t call your name again
At least, if we can meet in my dream,
I definitely will hug you tightly
But I can’t meet you
I can’t say that I love you
It’s really sad and it suffocates me
I’m painfully, painfully in love with you

Ah.. I’m just cried
Ah.. I’m painfully, painfully in love with you

W by JYJ

Itsuka aerukara mewo tojiru tabi kimiwo omou 
you’re everything
Kimiga irukotoga imamo mada atarimae nandayo
Itsuka aerumade kimino ibashha mamotteruyo
Kimito mouichido waraeruto shinjiterukara
Tokiga nagaretemo donna itamiga matte itemo
Kimiha itsumademo boku tachino “pride” nandayo

Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, 
you’re everything
It is still natural that you are by our side
We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again
We believe that we can laugh together with you once again
Even when the days pass by, and that there may be pains
You are always our “PRIDE”

 I truly ♥♥♥♥♥ these 5 boys..
please help me meet them..


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