Thursday, August 30, 2012

>> Hello Baby with MBLAQ..

salam to all readers.

for 2 consecutive days, i finished all the episode of Hello Baby with MBLAQ..!
must watch!!

seriously, i think this the BEST season of all Hello Baby..
MBLAQ appa is too cute, and also their children..

here is the few info about their lovely children..

Name : Recipon William Leo
Born : 7th September 2008 
Background : French-Korean
Characteristics : Milky white skin and cherry red lips ! Pretty enough to pass for a girl, pretty boy Leo. Troublemaker mischievous boy who has no time to be quiet !
Specialty : eating bean paste pills, yelling , posting

Name : Lauren Hanna Lunde
Born : May 2008
Background : Canada-Korean

Characteristics : Gentle and full of charms ! With cute facial expression she gets loved by all the daddies.

Specialty : Bumbum dance, writing her own songs to sing, suddenly singing out of no where. hahahaha.

and this is my favourite child among all..

Name : Yoon Dayoung (윤다영)
Born : 17th March 2008
Background : Vietnamese-Korean
Characteristics: Big eyes, bulging forehead and plump tummy. She is cute but has very distinct reaction between like and dislike ! Unwilling to be open to daddies so easily. Hello Baby’s snow princess, Dayoung.
Specialty : Sneering, waking up daddies, memorizing names

part that i like the most is when DaYoungie get jealous when G.O appa played with Lauren.

DaYoungie appa is always G.O.. 
i also dont really know why, maybe because GO is the first one who find her in the first episode.
and she's loyal too..
until the last episode, her heart didnt change..
G.O appa, you are so lucky to have a loyal daughter like her..

who is the #1 appa among MBLAQ members?

throughout the episode, you can see clearly that they didn't change their preference.
for Leo, his appa is always CheunDoong.

for Lauren, her appa is always SeungHo..

and of course for DaYoung, its G.O appa..

poor Joon and Mir.. no matter what they did, they never win.. hehe..

the cutest scene between Leo and DaYoungie..

for more interesting moment, you need to watch it yourself. *click here*
the best season ever in hello baby..



kia ^_^ said...

otw tengok part mblaq..terbaik lah appa2 nih.. >_<

lee anna shim said...

kan.. kan.. kan... especially SeungHo appa. suka dia.. =)


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