Thursday, January 19, 2012

[review] The Beaver

salam to all readers..

for someone who didn't even bother to listen to other's story..
you won't even say this movie is good..
you will say that this movie is damn boring..

the story is about someone with mental illness..
and he seem like he himself believe that he can't be cured..
his life have a lot of problems..
all his problems are the common problems that we faced in our daily life..
work pressure, family pressure, surrounding pressure..
and he's the type that can't express himself really well to others..

until one fine day..
a beaver come to the rescue..
that's the puppet..
he's here to save his life..

since the beaver is here..
everything changes positively..
his family accepting him back..
his company rise up again..
he gains much confident about himself..

but actually..
its not the case..
the beaver is something like spiritual thing that want to take over his life!
*this is the most shocking part..i also never imagined this thing..*
until one day he can't stand anymore..
he decide to cut his hand with the beaver on it to get rid of it..

for all the specific details and story..
watch it yourself..

as for my opinion..
this story is really interesting..
it teaches me the value of the little things in our life that we not really appreciate it..
and those little things actually can make someone go crazy, like him..
i cried a few times because all the things that has been told are somewhat related to me..

it has a lot of moral values..
you need to treasure it one by one..
only if you understand what i mean here..

one thing that come cross my mind..
we, Muslim have our own way to overcome obstacles..
we have Allah..
and i think that makes us stronger than anyone else.. spiritually and mentally..

peace no war..

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