Sunday, November 24, 2013

>> Si Won & my polaroid camera..

salam to all readers..

believe it or not..
i went to SS5..

free ticket for rock pit..
siapa yang tak nak kan...

the moment yang paling tak boleh lupa dan tak akan aku lupa..
i try to make siwon selca using my polaroid camera,
but it didn't go well as planned..

but at least..
he took my camera, and took picture of the crowd..

do you want to see the result?

i bet you won't..

coz i dont really like it..

but i like the fact that we have some communication together during that short time..
jangan jelez MY-ELFs sekalian..

i try to persuade him taking my camera, but i can see he is very reluctant..
 the security guard help me pass my camera, and he took it..
then he take the picture of the crowd!
you know how disappointed i am..

like seriously..
i am very hopeful you will take selca with that camera, yet you didn't..
and you give me back the camera..
with your innocence face..

aku merajuk kot!
dan aku jeling je dia sepanjang dia ada kat depan aku time tu..
and nampak la dia mcm rase bersalah je..
haha.. padan muka!

aku terus tak tangkap gambar langsung after that.. 
menunjukkan protes!

dan aku simpan je dua-dua kamera aku lepas tu..

bengang.. marah.. tak puas hati.. semua ada..
lagi sakit hati KyuHyun nun jauh di hujung stage belah sana..

stop.. stop.. stop..
aku rase, bermula di sini.. aku mcm berimaginasi je..
teruskan pembacaan anda kalau berminat..
but this is what my observation is..

Si Won joined the crowd at the centre of the stage..
and i can see him talked wth Henry..
and Henry look at me..

a few songs later..
Henry went in front of me..
dancing and singing..
but i didn't even take any pictures or videos of him..

after the song finished, they gather again..
and Henry is with Si Won again..
they are holding hand, but shaking their head..
macam tak berjaya memujuk aku la kononnya..

almost at the end of the concert..
Henry is singing in front of me again..
at this time, i just thought that Henry somehow has some relationship with Chang Min..
they're filming together for Cool Kiz On The Block, Table Tennis Special Episode..

and i take out my camera..
snapping some picture of him..
and yes, i used my polaroid camera once more..

you know what?
after the song ended..
i saw Henry & Si Won hugged each other with bright smile on their face..
like telling, mission accomplished..
'Thank you for saving me, Henry..' -SiWon
'No problem, bro..' - Henry

this is my observations..
whether it is true or not..
just ask Si Won and Henry about this..

if sometime in the future, SiWon or Henry mentioned about a dissappointed fan girl in SS5 Malaysia..
you should already know who is that girl..

yang lagi aku sakit hati dengan Si Won..
Dong Hae boleh je take a polaroid picture with other fans..
why can't you??

nak tengok gambar yang Si Won snap?


gelap gelita..
tak nampak ape..

sakit hati tak dengan beliau lepas tengok gambar ni..?

p/s: at least, encik Si Won ade pegang kamera polaroid aku..
kau ade?
ha ha ha..

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