Saturday, February 9, 2013

>> we got married: AnSol & Gundam couple..

salam to all readers..

out of curiosity, i just want to watch older season of we got married (wgm)..
among all those season one couple, i choose AnSol and Gundam couple.
you can spot why?
of course.
because both of the groom are Shinhwa members.

AnSol couple. (Andy & Sol Bi)

the funny thing about this couple is their role has changed.
Andy act like a housewife. he do all the house chores.
cooking, cleaning, laundering, folding clothes etc.

i don't really like the bride.
SolBi, mianhae. i don't like you.
you seem like a person that is full of excuses.
Andy oppa deserve a better person.

and through you, i can understand the power of woman tears.
thank you, SolBi.. =)

Gundam couple. (Jun Jin & Si Young)
one point that i like about the bride is she talk what she think.
well, it is sometime lead to an argument.
but at least she is being honest of what she want, rather than keep avoiding it.
to my surprise, she is really JunJin oppa girlfriend even after their wgm filming has ended.
i has been wondering who is 'she' that JunJin has mentioned in some show, and he stated that we all know who 'she' is.
and now i know..

JunJin seems can never win an argument with her.
good for you JunJin. 
you need to restrain yourself from being too talkative.

seeing these 2 couples, i can see their contrast.
good and bad.
sometimes the things that we don't like to do might lead us in a better relationship.
sometime you need to 'mengalah' even though you want to win so much.
that is how relationship can be maintained.
*cheyt, macam pakar je ayat aku ni*

 i had this imagination.
what if my future husband is like JunJin who are really talkative and always play around.
i think my life will be really miserable.

and what if my future husband is like Andy?
of course, i like it.
even though he is not someone who know how to show how he really feel in words.
he does it in act

what about other Shinhwa members?

Eric - too formal. i might restrain myself too much from doing something.

MinWoo - i will have this kind of inferior. why? because he has a lot of friends (girls & boys) and that make me feel unsafe.

DongWan - no. just no no no no no ~~

Hye Sung - he's too shy. and make me feel i must take the lead. 

in conclusion, the closest to my ideal type of husband is Andy.
unfortunately, he didn't fulfill my 3  important criteria.

when imagination takes control over my mind..


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