Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[review] Nice Guy

salam to all readers..

second drama of this semester break..
Nice Guy..

this story is really really really heavy.
its not something that i can understand easily.
just what is wrong with the scriptwriter?
why can't you write a little bit more easy story line?
and the story is a bit slow.

that girl Seo Eun Gi often repeat what she said.
is everyone around her cannot understand her very simple words?

this time, i really hate the villain character.
its soooooo hateful!
Han Jae Hee.
i really hate you!
Park Si Yeon, you done a good job playing this role. 
you gain my hatred.

Kang Ma Ru..
i seriously can't understand what is it in your mind.

overall, it is a heavy story.
if you want to watch a funny romatic melodrama type,
this is not the right drama for you.

however, the OST is really good..
love like a snowflake - Xiah Jun Su


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